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Beauty & the Beast: Vendetta
Mass Market Paperback – November 25, 2014
by Nancy Holder

During a mysterious blackout, Angelo DeMarco, the son of New York City’s most powerful family, is kidnapped. NYPD detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas are on the case when they learn of a second missing person: Cat’s father has disappeared from his prison cell on Rikers Island. Vincent is desperate to help Cat, but as tensions rise, the couple becomes caught in a trap where the only way out is to confront their pasts and prove their epic love.



Beauty & the Beast: Some Gave All
Mass Market Paperback – March 31, 2015
by Nancy Holder

Detective Catherine Chandler is on a mission to unveil the truth behind her past and discover the secrets surrounding her family. Yet, things become more complicated when she becomes romantically involved with the handsome doctor Vincent Keller, who harbors a dark secret of his own – he turns into a terrifying beast when angered. Together, they struggle to maintain their relationship whilst being pursued by the mysterious organization known as Muirfield.

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